“I Woke Up Like This” is a project that is inspired by women. Women have an understated strength, confidence, and intelligence that is so rarely celebrated. I thought of all the women I see every day that use concealer to cover up the marks of hard work under their eyes, and hide the lines of laughter around their mouths. With this series, I hand picked each woman and stripped them of their masks to show how incredibly beautiful each and every one of them is, exactly as they are. Our faces tell a story about our lives, and I wanted to see what each of their story was.


This was the most rewarding photo project I have shot as a professional photographer. I was honored that these women trusted me to photograph them unmasked, and proud of the confidence each of them exuded. This series is meant to empower all women to be confident in who they are, always. Because whoever you are, know that you are strong and you are beautiful.


*The women in these photos have not been retouched.